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Spay & Neuter

Spay & Neuter Surgery From Willow Glen Pet Hospital

If you own a pet, you will likely need to address spaying or neutering at some point. At Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose, we encourage you to spay or neuter your pet and feel that there are many pragmatic reasons why it makes sense to do so as soon as possible. Speak with a veterinarian to learn more about the advantages and range of benefits that spaying & neutering pets provide.


Spay & Neuter 

The reasons to spay & neuter your pets are compelling, and it truly is one of the benchmarks of responsible pet ownership. Without spaying and neutering, the number of unwanted pets in this country continues to increase, creating a huge social problem and a sad state for us all.

Think about these statistics:

  • Female dogs go in heat and have their first litter at any time after they are six-months old.
  • Cats go in to heat and can have a litter when they reach four-months old.  They typically go in to heat anytime during March through September.
  • Dogs typically go in to heat every six months.

The SPCA estimates that when you don’t spay or neuter a pet and allow it to freely have offspring, you could be contributing to over 60,000 homeless dogs in a period of six years, and nearly 11 million homeless cats in a nine year span.

Behavioral Benefits 

Being in heat is stressful for pets, which may manifest in some unpleasant behaviors. For instance, dogs may mark their territory throughout the home or try to hump your guests’ legs. Also, when pets are not spayed or neutered, they tend to roam more which can lead to fights with other animals and subsequent injuries.  This can also increase your pet’s risk of being hit by a car.

Health Advantages 

If that isn’t compelling enough, spaying and neutering pets reduces their risk for certain diseases, including specific types of cancer. Spaying a female dog or cat can lower the chance of breast cancer, while neutering male dogs and cats may curb the risk of testicular and prostate cancers. Many owners believe that having their pets spayed or neutered can make them lazy; not true!

Is it time to spay or neuter your pet? Call us at Willow Glen Pet Hospital today. 

Do you want to look into spay and neuter surgery? Do your part to help control the pet population; spay & neuter your pet today. Call Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose at (669)342-7472 to schedule an appointment or speak with our veterinarian regarding these- and other- pet services. We are waiting to hear from you!


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