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Pet Wellness Exam

Pet Wellness Exam From Our Veterinarian in Willow Glen

Are you a pet owner? If you have dogs or cats, it is important to take them for a pet wellness exam, particularly as they get older. Need a veterinarian at Willow Glen? Talk to the vet care staff at Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose to schedule your pet’s exam.


What is a Pet Wellness Exam? 

The goal of having your veterinarian perform wellness exams is to provide an opportunity to detect subtle changes that could impact overall health and wellbeing, like weight gain or dental issues. This typically entails a thorough physical examination, labs, and testing to check for common medical conditions. You may be asked to bring in your pet’s stool sample to be tested for parasites. Your vet may also recommend certain vaccinations, depending on the age of your pet.

Regular and routine veterinarian visits ensure that any medical issues are caught early, which can help make treatment more effective.

When should I schedule a pet wellness exam? 

It makes sense to take your dog or cat in for a pet wellness exam when you adopt or rehome them, and then at least once per year. Your veterinarian may suggest more frequent visits if your pet has chronic condition, like diabetes, or if they are a senior.  

What can I expect at the appointment? 

Many say that a pet wellness exam is a complete physical, from ‘nose to tail.’ The truth is, this is the perfect time for your vet to get a good look at your pet and ensure that they are not demonstrating signs of a medical issue. Expect the vet to listen to your pet’s lungs, heart, and look inside the ears and eyes. Your vet may poke and touch your pet, looking for lumps or masses that could indicate cancer. Also, the vet will record the weight of your pet, making specific recommendations if your pet is struggling with extra weight.

Comprehensive labs using samples of blood and urine help to detect infection or disease that the naked eye could easily overlook.

Don’t delay. Call (669) 342-7472 to schedule your pet wellness exam today. 

Call Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose to schedule your pet wellness exam at (669) 342-7472; our veterinarian and vet care team are standing by to provide support for your furry family members. 


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