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Pet Surgery

We know how pet owners love and value their pets. That's why we at Willow Glen Pet Hospital, serving San Jose, CA, and Willow Glen, CA, take it into our hands to care for your pets, especially when they are scheduled for surgery. Our animal hospital is equipped for surgery because we have a team of doctors, vet assistants, and technicians ready to offer our services. 


Surgery Services

Our animal hospital may offer the following surgical procedures.

Spaying and Neutering 

Pet spaying and neutering come with lots of health benefits. It prevents illnesses and tames the pet's behavior. Pets like cats, dogs, and rabbits decrease the chances of suffering from ovarian, testicular, and uterine cancer. A veterinarian in Willow Glen on our team will carry this procedure to your pet and give you pet care tips to help them heal faster.

Dental Surgery

Dental care includes extraction, filling, cleaning, and caring for your pet’s teeth. If your pet has growth, jaw fracture, and other dental defects, he or she may need surgery. The surgery will cater to these abnormalities, so that your animal can live a healthy life. 

Foreign Body Removal

No matter how you exercise pet care protocols, your pets may have foreign things in their bodies at one time or another. Thus, our animal hospital may offer services to remove foreign bodies from their bodies. We may use the endoscopy method if the objects are not complicated. However, if the objects are in the stomach, we may conduct gastronomy.  

Soft Tissue Surgery

Your pet may develop tumors, hernia, or defects that may need surgery. These conditions may require surgical removal. The conditions may not necessarily lead to cancer or other related diseases, but removing them can be good. After the surgical procedure, a veterinarian in Willow Glen on our team may offer post-operative tips for your pet care protocols. 

Orthopedic Surgery

Your pet may have displaced hips or have an injury to its knees or bones. That may require a surgical procedure which can offer. Our doctors can do the procedure but be aware that your pet may need after care. 

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Do you have a pet or pets that need medical care? If you live in San Jose, CA, or Willow Glen, CA, consider visiting us at Willow Glen Pet Hospital, where a vet on our team can help you. Call us at (669) 342-7472 for more information.



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