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Pet Dental Care

Pets, like people, require maintenance of their teeth and gums for optimal health. If your dog or cat is experiencing a pet dental difficulty or if they simply need a cleaning performed by our veterinarian, Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose can help. Read on to learn why pet dental care is important, what you can do to help your pet's oral hygiene, and what happens when you bring your dog or cat to our practice for a dental care appointment.


Why Pet Dental Care Is Important

Pet dental care is extremely important as failing to care for the teeth and gums can lead to health problems. For example, if a pet has inflammation of the gums, it could lead to difficulty eating. Weight loss could then occur. If a pet's teeth aren't cleaned frequently, a buildup of tartar will occur. If this makes its way underneath the gums, it will cause deterioration of the roots and bone structure located in this area. This, in turn, will eventually cause tooth loss. 

How to Help Your Pet's Oral Hygiene

At home, there are a few steps you can take to help keep your dog or cat's teeth in the best of condition. Brushing your pet's teeth will remove bacteria and plaque from their surfaces. If bacteria remain on the teeth, it could harden into tartar. To brush a pet's teeth, use a pet toothbrush and toothpaste to do the job. Rub the paste using the brush across a few of your pet's teeth. If it does not seem interested in the flavor of the toothpaste, switch to another brand. Most are made to taste like meat. Pet dental wipes can also be used to remove debris from the teeth. Do routine inspections of your pet's mouth to check for broken teeth or gum inflammation. This will allow you to get treatment for your pet promptly.

What Happens During an Appointment with Our Veterinarian

When you make an appointment with our veterinarian for pet dental care, first a checkup is conducted to rule out other health issues that may be contributing to tooth problems. Our vet will take a look at your pet's teeth and gums in detail and will make recommendations regarding any proposed treatment if needed. If a tooth needs to be pulled, it may be done during this appointment. Medication may also be prescribed. Our vet can also clean your pet's teeth during a comprehensive examination.

Set an Appointment with Us

If your cat or dog requires pet dental assistance, contact Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Contact our office at (669) 342-7472 to learn more about the many services we provide.


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