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We see many types of medical conditions at Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose. Our veterinarians can help you with routine medical care, injuries, illnesses, dental problems, and more to improve your pet's wellness.

Routine Care

Your pet needs routine medical care to ensure that he is doing great at every life stage. By bringing your pet to the animal hospital regularly, you can make sure that any medical problems are detected early and properly treated. Our veterinarian will also get to know your pet very well as he comes in on a regularly scheduled basis. When your pet becomes more comfortable with the vet during regular visits, it will make it easier for your pet to receive medical care during an emergency.

Acute Injuries

Sprained muscles, broken bones, cuts, bites, and other acute injuries need to be mended. We'll examine your pet and find out what type of treatment he needs to heal. Being proactive about acute injury care means that your pet can recover with limited discomfort and complications. In some cases, he may need to have his activity limited so he doesn’t further aggravate the injury. It might take some time, but your pet will start to feel better as soon as possible.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions can occur at any age in pets, but especially in older companions. Diagnosing and treating chronic conditions allows your pet to be comfortable and as healthy as possible. He may need to get supplements, eat a specific diet, or have other changes made in his daily life so he can continue to thrive.

Dental Problems

Dental issues can cause a lot of discomfort for your pet. He might have plaque built up or end up with broken teeth due to biting something too hard or being injured. We can provide dental cleanings and other types of dental care to keep his mouth healthy.


Sometimes your pet isn't feeling quite right and the problem doesn't go away. He might have caught a cold, or perhaps have indigestion. Many types of illnesses could occur, and knowing exactly what's going on helps your pet recover faster. Whether he needs a round of antibiotics or requires intensive care, our animal hospital is ready to help him out.

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