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Comprehensive Vet Care

Comprehensive Vet Care for Your Pets in Willow Glen, San Jose, and the Surrounding Areas

Caring for a pet comes with many responsibilities, and one of them being is trying your best to ensure that your pet is always healthy and happy. For this to happen, it is vital that you take your dog or cat to a veterinarian for comprehensive vet care services. Consider taking your beloved animal to Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose for the following vet care services.


Dental Care

Your pet's teeth need to be examined at least once a year to ensure its teeth and gums remain healthy. Some dental vet care services your pet could receive include cleaning, extraction, repair, filing, and other oral health care services.

Nose-To-Tail Examination

We recommend regular appointments with a veterinarian for a nose-to-tail exam. Our nose-to-tail examinations involve thorough checkups of your pet's eyes, ears, nose, skin, face, and much more. We have a team of professionals who carry out proper physical examinations whenever they are providing comprehensive vet care.

Parasite Screening

Parasites are always waiting for the opportunity to live on or inside your pet's body. They affect the normal activities of your pet and cause serious illnesses. However, your pet can avoid parasitic diseases with preventative care. Come and see our veterinarian for a parasite screening and preventative treatment. 

Coat and Skin Exam

Skin and coat problems are some of the major reasons many people take their pets to the veterinarian. The condition of your pet’s coat and skin help indicate its health status. Typically, a dry, unkempt, and flaky coat is a sign that your pet is suffering from kidney or liver disease, thyroid disease, or nutritional disorder.

Nutritional Counseling

Feeding your pet isn't as easy and straightforward as it may sound. You need to follow feeding and diet guidelines from a veterinarian because pets are not the same when it comes to nutritional needs. Nutritional counseling is essential for various reasons, which include:

  • Learning about the right quantity of food to give your pet
  • Understanding the different type of food for your pet
  • Avoiding common health issues that could affect your pet

Trust Our Team for Your Pet's Comprehensive Vet Care

Our vet care program examines all health aspects of your pet's body. If any health problem is detected, our experts will do diagnostic tests to verify your pet's condition. Contact our team at Willow Glen Pet Hospital in San Jose at (669) 342-7472 to schedule your pet’s appointment today.


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