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What's the Best Age To Neuter a Male Dog?

What Is the Best Age to Neuter a Dog?

Whether you have a new puppy or a recently adopted dog, it is important to make sure that he is neutered. Veterinarians recommend having your dog spayed or neutered as a safe and effective way of eliminating negative habits and promoting a long and healthy life for your pet. Our team at Willow Glen Pet Hospital is here to help your pet throughout the process. 

What Are the Benefits of Neutering Your Dog?

Neutering your dog prevents unwanted births, testicular cancer, and prostate disease. Neutered dogs also roam less than un-neutered ones. Neutering your male dog may also diminish certain behaviors associated with mating like marking his territory. Our San Jose veterinarian is committed to helping you make the best choice regarding when to neuter your dog. 

When You Should Neuter Your Dog

This is an important question to consider because issues can form if this procedure is done too soon or too late. The recommended age to neuter a male dog is between six and nine months. However, some pet owners have this procedure done at four months. Smaller dogs reach puberty sooner and can often have the procedure done sooner. Larger breeds may need to wait longer in order to properly develop before being neutered. Consult our team to find out when the time is right for your dog. 

What Happens if You Neuter too Late or Early?

If you neuter your dog too early, you run the risk of him experiencing behavioral issues. These issues include phobias, hostility, and sensitivity. Your dog may also become obese and develop hypothyroidism. Neutering too early can also increase bone growth resulting in increased height. There are issues if you neuter your dog too late as well. Although there is no specific age limit, the benefits linked to neutering your dog decrease as he ages. 

Contact Us for Help in San Jose

If you are thinking about having your dog neutered, contact our team at Willow Glen Pet Hospital. We will perform a complete exam to get your pet prepared for the procedure. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care for pets in San Jose and the surrounding areas. Give us a call to see how we can help you and your dog.


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