August – Dental Month for our K9 and Feline friends

admin | 12-05-2017 | events


Our K9 Dental’s will start at $275.00 for the month of August!.This will NOT include any Pre-op blood-work,extractions,or medications to go home. A Normal Dental can usually start as high as $350.00 so $200.00 for a dental is an awesome savings! Take us up on this great deal and call today! (669) 342-7472

Our Feline Dental’s will start at $225.00 the entire month of June.This does NOT include any Pre-op blood-work,extractions, or medications to go home.Feline Dental’s can normally start at 250.00, so a 150.00 feline dental is a huge savings! So please call today and take us up on this great deal! (669)342-7472.

Please note: if you would like more of an exact estimate please call the clinic. If you are a current client just call and we can give an estimate over the phone. If you have not been seen here before, no worries! Simply call and ask to schedule an appointment for a Dental estimate and our Dr will give you a FREE estimate of cost for your pets Dental! (669) 342-7472